Thursday, 17 October 2019

Meet Thep! Free Mummy Rig from Squiggly Rigs

We're liking this cartoon mummy rig named Thep; he's fun and cartoony and you can get a great performance out of him. You can find him here for free download at the Squiggly Rigs official site.

Thep is the first character made with the Squiggly rig system.  Built to allow plenty of flexibility and exaggeration, Thep comes "equipped with some cool features to allow him to act as cartoony as possible without losing appeal".

Thep is a good choice for students starting on acting and lipsync; he works well with a cartoony voice, such as one from the Sesame Street wav archive.

Consider Thep for acting and pantomime shots, or for short dialogue scenes; he has good facial expressions and a wide variety of mouth shapes.

Thep rig Features

  • Full body rig with a non-switch IK/FK spine system
  • Bendy arms and legs
  • Smear control for hands and feet
  • Hands UI with fingers pose presets
  • Full facial rig
  • Head squash and stretch
  • Detachable head with a space switcher – Neck/World
  • Personality switcher for the eyes – Normal/Evil
  • Personality switcher for the teeth – Normal/Evil
  • Extra set of legs with visibility and taper control separately for leg and foot
  • Extra set of arms with visibility and taper control separately for upper arm, forearm and hand
  • Extra set of eyes with visibility control
  • Fully rigged extra head with visibility control
  • Extra cloth string with the Mgear spring system

Animation with Thep
To see some nice animation with Thep, check out the reaction shot by Paloma Zhu below.  This is Paloma's interpretation of the "phone booth" exercise, which we cover in week 13 at Animation Apprentice as part of the Online MA in 3D Animation.

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