Monday, 7 October 2019

Dinosaur Masterclass at VIEW October 24

VIEW is the 20th International VFX & Computer Graphics Conference that takes place every year in Turin.

This year the VIEW conference runs from Monday 21st October until Friday 25th October.

On Wednesday October 23 at 2.30pm I'll be on a panel with SVA titled "Starting Your Animation Career: How to Get Noticed and Get Hired".

On Thursday October 24th I'll be teaching a one-day masterclass in Maya demonstrating how to animate dinosaurs, from 9.30am at Piazza Mestiere.

The class is aimed at complete beginners and requires no prior experience with Maya.

VIEW is an international festival for animation, VFX, and computer graphics; it takes place in Turin in October every year.

VIEW is a lot smaller than its cousin at Annecy but the speakers are just as good; and, because the setting is more intimate; you have a much better chance of actually getting in to hear what they have to say - and even meet them afterwards.

VIEW Conference 2019
Brad Bird
Speakers at VIEW this year include Pixar's Brad Bird (Incredibles),  Conrad Vernon (Addams Family), Sergio Pablos (Klaus), Dean DeBlois (How to Train Your Dragon) and Ralph Egglestone (For the Birds). To see the full roster of talent appearing at this year's festival, follow this link.

Animation Masterclass
My one-day animation masterclass is an introduction to the art of Dinosaur Animation.

I will take you through the animation process from start to finish, starting with the basics of the Maya interface, and ending up with a finished piece of creature animation.

Dinosaur Rig
I'll be using this free dinosaur rig by Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan. It's a great free rig for Maya animators, and you can download it here.

The Dino rig excellent for doing creature locomotion (it won't do is close-ups, as the facial controls are quite limited).

But, to get some dino action on your animation demo reel, this is an excellent rig to choose. You can sign up for the class at the official site here.

How did dinosaurs walk?
We don't really know, of course. But we can take a look at their closest living relatives - birds - to get an idea. For example, check out this video of an ostrich below.

When and Where
VIEW takes place from Monday 21st October until Friday 25th October in Turin.  To sign up for the class, which takes place on Thursday 24th October, follow this link.

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