Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bringing the Digital World to Life

Modeling, texturing and lighting by Mike Swan
Here at Bucks we don't just tackle animation - we also train our students to be experts in a full range of digital skills. Students often ask "should I become a specialist - or a generalist? Which is best?". The answer of course - is both.

Survival in the 3D industry means being comfortable with the full digital pipeline. But, at the same time, a skilled graduate should be able to identify an area in which they shine especially well.

Modeling? Lighting? Texturing? Animation? All of these disciplines tend to be done by individual specialists in the big VFX houses, such as Framestore, MPC or Double Negative, where complex pipelines and big budgets mean that artists tend to specialise in one area of work.
Artwork by Mike Swan
Conversely, any student who wants to tackle a small freelance project by themselves - and this can be a great way to build an independent career - needs to know how to manage the whole pipeline from start to finish.
Modeling texturing and lighting by Ryan Meader
These images are modeled, textured and lit by our talented 3rd year students Mike Swan and Ryan Meader. Mike and Ryan show that they can handle the complexities of the 3D process to produce very attractive images, which will look great on a demo reel or website.

3D render by Ryan Meader
And these are skills which are highly transferable. Architectural visualisation, visual effects, animation, games - all these industries need skills such as these.

Nice work Mike and Ryan!


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