Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Take a virtual tour of the student accomodation at Bucks

All this could be yours
One question I get asked a lot at interview is - "what kind of housing is available for students?" Since I'm an animator, not a housing expert, I usually say something like "er...I'll get back to you on that...".

However, thanks to the helpful folks in the marketing dept I can now provide a slightly more impressive answer in the form of a virtual tour of the student acommodation buildings in High Wycombe.

There are four Halls of Residence available for first year undergraduates and international students, living outside a 25-mile radius of High Wycombe.

You can find the virtual tours here:
  1. Windsor House: http://www2.bucks.ac.uk/virtualtours/windsor_house/ 
  2. Brook Street: http://www2.bucks.ac.uk/virtualtours/brook_street/ 
  3. Hughenden Park: http://www2.bucks.ac.uk/virtualtours/hughenden_park_student_village/ 
  4. Alexandra House: http://www2.bucks.ac.uk/virtualtours/alexandrahouse/
Other important information about student acommodation at Bucks can be found here:


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