Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Student Showcase - SyFy Channel Ident by Krzysztof Michalski.

This is an ident (that is to say, a "station identification") created for the SyFy channel by Krzysztof Michalski, now in his third year at Bucks. Krzysztof completed this short piece in his second year; the brief was to do an ident for a TV channel. Broadcasters use idents to remind viewers what they are watching and also to help develop their brand identities. Motion Graphics work is a big and growing market for animators and digital artists.

Idents like this, as with any short pieces of animation done for a client, can be great ways to get professional work on your demo reel. Short pieces work to your advantage because you can really polish the details and bring your work up to a high professional standard, rather than getting bogged down in something excessively long.

The most common mistake students make when they start a film project is to be too ambitious. Better a short project skillfully made than a long one which is incomplete.  Remember the golden rule of demo reels - they must be completely free of mistakes.

And the golden rule of student films - keep it short!

Many congratulations to Krzysztof on an excellent piece of work.


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