Thursday 28 March 2013

Who needs a website?

Create a blog - it's free!
Who needs a blog or a website? Only everyone who is a freelancer. And, in the entertainment industry, we are all freelancers. Jobs for life, if they ever existed, are long gone, and for most of us a gig that lasts a few years is a long one. a freelancer, you need to be selling your wares. You need a shop front, a glossy window to flaunt your talent. The bad news is - this will involve work. The good news is - it has never been easier to build your own blog or website.

Here are some links to sites that will walk you through step by step how to create a free blog or website to host your work:
  1. Blogger. Sign in through your Google email account. If you don't have a Gmail account - get one. It's free.
  2. BBC Guide - a simple guide to creating a blog. 
  3. is a great website for setting up a free, simple website to host your work. Just follow the instructions.
OK, so you've got a blog, or a simple website. Now...what should your website look like?

Look for inspiration in other students' showreels. What does/does not work? If you see a reel you like, consider copying their format. There is no shame in being inspired by other people's work.

Equally, if you see a website or blog that you like, use that as inspiration for your own.
Here are some examples of animator's websites and/or blogs that work really well:
  1. Brendan Body A nice clearly designed website with excellent character and creature work.
  2. Kiel Figgins. Excellent website with a great animation demo reel and also many free rigs. 
  3. Josh Burton. Website by the creator of the Morpheus rig and an excellent animator. 
  4. Curlymation. Blog of Matt Rees, Aardman animator. This is a very simple blog that does its job very well.
  5. Wouter Tulp blog. A simple blog that is a clear and effective showcase of talent.
  6. Wouter Tulp website. A clear, simple website.
  7. James Woods. Excellent clear, simple site
  8. Reel Barrow. A list of animator's demo reels.
So, you've got four days off (at least) over the Easter weekend. If you don't have a blog - build one now! No excuses!

It's free!


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