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All About Blackboard - How It Works

The Blackboard Interface
What is Blackboard? Blackboard is the main digital interface which students and staff use to access information about the courses at Bucks, including timetables, assessments, messages - in short everything you need to keep up to date. This means that, like it or not, you will need to access Blackboard regularly throughout your three years at Bucks.

Below are some common problems experienced by Blackboard users - along with some possible solutions.
Q: Where is Blackboard? 

A: You can find Blackboard here.

Q: I can’t log into Blackboard at all - what can I do?

A: Are you enrolled? If not go to your faculty office. That is E4.08, telephone 01494 603050.

Make sure your browser is up to date. If it's not working, try a different broswer.

Also, make sure you are accessing Blackboard via Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 and above. If one doesn't work, try a different browser.

Check you are entering your password and username correctly. Your username is your 8 digit ID number on your student ID card.

Your default password default is your date of birth in this format 18-SEP-87. This password will only work for a maximum of ten times, so you should change it as soon as possible.

If your password needs to be reset contact IT or this can be done by clicking on the ‘Password’ tab in Blackboard or going to

You may have been locked out – If this happens go to the IT Service desk in the Library or contact them on ext 5000 then option 1 or 01494 605000 then option 1 or

Debt sanction? If you are a debtor you will not be able to access Blackboard or receive emails until the debt has been paid or a payment plan organised. Please contact the Student Centre on 01494 603020 or

Q: I logged into Blackboard but I can’t see my modules. What shall I do?

A: Make sure you are accessing Blackboard via Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 and above.

For referred students you may not be able to see your modules until the referral exam board has sat in mid September. Once you receive your results letter you should be able to see your modules.

Check that the module has not been hidden. Click on the cog to the right of ‘My Modules’. Check the boxes making sure you select the right academic year. We suggest you check JUST the boxes to display the module names and ID

Have you returned from suspension, changed course or forgotten to choose your options or are you a Direct Entry student? If so please contact your Faculty Office

If some of your modules are empty it means the module tutor has not added any content. Contact the module tutor.

If after this no modules show at all please contact your Faculty Office

Q: I can see modules but they are not my modules. Where are my modules?

A: This may occur if you have not been enrolled on your modules. Contact your Faculty Office.

Q: What does SB/S1/S2 etc mean at the end of the module code?

A: 13S1 = A module starting in September 2013 (academic year 2013/14)

-13S2 = A module starting in February 2014 (academic year 2013/14)

-13SB = A module starting in September 2013 (academic year 2013/14) that runs over both semesters

-13S1A = A module starting in February 2014 for students who start in February 2014 (academic year 2013/14)

-13S2A = A module starting in September 2014 for students who started in February 2014 (academic year 2013/14)

Q: I am not receiving emails from lecturers or other University staff. How can I get them?

A: Have you set up email forwarding? Emails are sent out from Blackboard via your student ID number. You won’t receive them if you have not set up email forwarding to your personal email account.

Go to or click on the Forward email tab in Blackboard.

Q: What is an Organisation?

A: Faculty Departments also use an Organisation under ‘My Organisations’ to provide course or year specific information eg timetable, results. If you cannot see an obvious course or year Organisation relating to your course please contact your Faculty Office as you need to be enrolled on the organisation to receive emails.

Very occasionally a module may be set up via an organisation. If you cannot see a module under ‘My Modules’ check it is not under ‘My Organisations’.

Organisations also contain information about the service areas like the accommodation service, disability service, the LDU, chaplaincy and the student centre.

Finally, there is (apparently) an iPhone app for Blackboard, for the busy student on the move. But you'll have to go to the Apple Store to find it.

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