Monday, 23 September 2013

How to Use the Library at Bucks - an Animator's Guide

Shedloads of books - we got 'em
The animation shelves of the library here at Bucks are now groaning with fresh titles. The University has bought us more books, and more copies of the key books, so there are more to go around. And we have journals too, such as Animation Magazine - materials that help students learn from the best sources and keep in touch with the latest news from the industry. Below is some general information about to library for our new animation students.

Where is the library?
In the Gateway building - that's the big blue one that looks like a TV set.

When is the Library Open?
Monday to Thursday: 8.30am until 11.30pm.
Friday: 8.30am until 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am until 6pm

Has it got WiFi?
Yes! Hurrah! Ask for a login at the help desk.

How do I find the books I need?
You can search old-school by browsing the shelves (see details below) or you can search the online catalogue, by going to the Library tab at Blackboard. The library staff will also show you how to search the catalogue.

How many books can I borrow?
Undergraduates can borrow up to ten at a time.

How long can I keep the books I borrow?
Mostly you get to keep them for 7 days, or sometimes 28 days. A few hot items are just loaned for 24 hours. Keep 'em too long and you will have to pay fines. Fines are 10p a day last time we checked.

What is the best book to start learning animation?
The number one book every animator should have on their shelf is The Animator's Survival Kit, Expanded Edition by Richard Williams.

Where are the animation books?
In three sections. If you want to browse the shelves, here they are:
  • 006 Computing - 3rd floor
  • 741 Comics - 4th floor
  • 777-778 Animation and film - 4th floor
Start with the Digital Animation section on the 3rd floor at 006 (see below). Books on computer animation nestle with various other materials on computers, game design and Flash.
Digital Animation at 006 on the 3rd floor. Flash, 3DS Max and Blender.
Now let's go to the comics section at 741 on the 4th floor (see below). Here, animation books are mixed in with books on comics, cartoons and graphics.
Animation and comics at 741 - 4th floor
Finally, look on the film-making shelves at 777-778, on the 4th floor (see below). Here the animation books are to be found alongside books on film-making, cinematography, editing and so on.
Animation and film-making at 777-778 - 4th floor

So there are three main areas to browse. If you need a book that isn't there, ask the library staff. If they don't have it, leave a request in the comments section below, or email me at I do my best to get our students all the books they need to give them the best possible resources.

Can I scan a document?
Yes, at the multi-function printers. You can email the scans to yourself, then download them later.

And, finally, here's a link to the official library web page at Bucks.



  1. A great tip from me would be: Check books in online catalog and book them! I tried to get my hands on one book through shelves for a year and I got it only through booking.

  2. Which one was that? Maybe we should order more copies....