Thursday, 19 December 2013

Breaking into the Creative Industries

We're famous again! Today the Daily Telegraph has run a piece on how students can muscle their way in to the creative industries, how to sustain a career in what is still a challenging job market, especially for recent graduates. It's a good piece, full of useful insights into what students need to learn in order to make it. Click here to read all about it.

We've picked up the pace a lot for our first year students this year, pushing them hard to aquire the right skills so that they can be picking up small freelance jobs by the middle of the second year. Our goal is to have all our students working as professional animators and digital artists well before they leave Bucks. That way, students not only leave university with the right skills, they also have the kind of real-world experience that can sustain them through the inevitably challenging early stages of establishing a career in the digital arts.


(Editor's note: For more information on how graduates can find work and work as successful freelancers, read out our post on Portfolio Careers.  Also, check out our guide to animation careers here, and also take a look at this map of digital studios - a great place to start your search for work in the business. Learn the nuts and bolts of freelance life by reading our guide to invoicing clients, and our guide to putting together a great CV.)

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