Monday, 23 December 2013

More storage space for our animation students!

Our new Animation & Visual Effects Course has been running for three months now, and we're still ironing out some of the kinks. Recently our students gave vent to their frustration at the rather stingy data allowance of just 750MB for personal storage, barely enough to run all the software we use, let alone store high resolution images and video.

Luckily, the Bucks IT department has come now to the rescue. From now on, starting in the New Year, all our students will get 5 gigabytes of storage; still not a massive amount - but a huge improvement, and enough to run all the software we use and also make some decent renders.

Students will still need to bring their own external hard drive to store large files, but this is good practice for industry, since it's always wise to back up your work. Files get corrupted, drives die. Mysterious things happen to data, and you can never back up your work too often.

Anyway, we're pleased to be able to offer a better experience for our students, and also to show that big organisations do sometimes listen, and even make changes, occasionally for the better.


(Editor's Note: To find out more about what we're doing to improve the technical services we offer our students, read this post about our new online animation videos. To find out about the high tech services in the library, click here, and for an introduction to the overall range of services we offer, read this post.)

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