Thursday, 12 December 2013

Counselling Services at Bucks - Help When it's Needed Most

Over the course of your three years at University there will inevitably be things that will go wrong. Personal problems, health crises, a crisis in the family - all sorts of things can derail the best laid plans and throw you off course. When bad things happen, you are not alone. The university provides counseling services free of charge and you will never be turned away if you need help, or just want someone to talk to.

The counseling services at Bucks are here for the times when you need objective, professional help away from your daily environment. They provide a fully confidential service free of charge, and their services are arranged by appointment.

To contact them, follow this link. You can find more information at the official page here.

(Editor's Note: There are many support services available for students at Bucks. Check out our post on mentoring, where you can find a "buddy" to help with support and advice. Don't miss our article on the Learning Development Unit, which offers all sorts of academic support to students.)

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