Tuesday, 24 December 2013

MPC is hiring!

One of London's leading visual effects houses, the Moving Picture Company (MPC), is hiring! They are looking for artists not just for Canada and Bangalore, but also for London, which thankfully suggests that Soho isn't quite finished yet.

Here's the link to the jobs page at their website.  Time for all of our recent graduates to polish their CVs, edit their demo reels, and start applying. After all, once you've stuffed your face with mince pies and watched Harry Potter 12 on the Telly, there's not much else to do between now and New Year. Take advantage of this glorious downtime to make your demo reel sing.

For more information on jobs, and how to put together a killer demo reel, click on the jobs tab in the cloud at the bottom right hand corner of this blog.


(Editor's Note: for more on what studios look for in a great demo reel, try this link. And for more on demo reels, take a look at this video by Sony Pictures Animation. You can also watch Alex's ten minute video on creating a great reel, and read this post on the perfect demo reel. Also, check out our guide to animation careers here, and also take a look at this map of digital studios - a great place to start your search for work in the business. Learn the nuts and bolts of freelance life by reading our guide to invoicing clients, and our guide to putting together a great CV.)

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