Thursday, 6 February 2014

BAFTA Scholarship worth up to £20,000

BAFTA is offering a new Hong Kong Scholarship scheme, supporting UK-Asia cross-cultural exchange by inviting UK nationals to study a postgraduate course in film, television or games in Hong Kong. The scholarship is worth up to £20,000 and is an opportunity to study overseas, get a master's degree, and generally further your education.

Hong Kong - all this could be yours. Photo: Wikipedia
What is it for?
The scholarship is for UK nationals to study a postgraduate course in film, television or games in Hong Kong.

How much is it worth?
Each scholarship will provide up to £10,000 towards one year’s course fees, a £10,000 bursary for living expenses, the support of an industry mentor, and free access to BAFTA events.

When can I apply?
Now. Applications are now open on the Hong Kong Scholarships application page, where details of eligible courses can also be found.

Hong Kong at night. Photo: Wikipedia
What's it all about?
BAFTA’s scholarship programmes are part of charitable activity to support talented people at all stages of their career in film, television and games.

As well as their UK BAFTA Scholarship programme, (which includes the Prince William Scholarships in Film, Television and Games) and Hong Kong scholarships, BAFTA Los Angeles has an active Scholarship Program offering financial support and mentorship to UK students studying in the USA.

The BAFTA New York Media Scholarship Program supports undergraduate and graduate students pursuing media studies at public institutions located within the New York City area.

If you have any questions about the BAFTA Scholarship programme in Hong Kong please email or simply apply online here.

(Editor's note: As always, we strongly encourage our Bucks graduates - and soon-to-be-graduates - to apply for scholarships. Even if you don't win, the experience you get from applying will be of huge value in helping you to polish your demo reel, improve your CV, and generally to identify where you need to improve your skills. And, of course, if you win, this could be a life-changing experience.)

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