Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Student Showcase - Miracles and Inspirations by Monika Dzikowicz

Monika Dzikowicz is one of our talented recent graduates from Bucks, who has made some excellent short film projects and is well on her way to becoming a highly skilled animation designer and director. Her latest project is the short film Miracles and Inspirations, which shows what could happen if art could take us back to the times it was created in.

The film tells the story of the unusual friendship between a young girl and an ancient Roman sculpture of a woman. It explores themes of imagination, the creativity of children, and the inspirations we take from our memories and everyday life.

The film was produced within the scope of the online competition - The Animation Talent Award  2013. It was designed, directed and animated by Monika Dzikowicz. Music was by Boris Nonte, and the Executive producer was Paolo Polesello.


(Editor's note: to see more work by our talented undergraduate students and recent graduates, see this recent post about the art of Sabah Masood. Also check out the work of Andy Thomas here, and see our latest commercial project for Rocketseed, our short film done for a global aid agency, and take a look at the excellent work of architectural visualisation specialist Krsytof Michalski, Alex Whitfield and the 3D artwork of Mike Swan.) 

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