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DA702 - Character Perf Module Starts 6 Jan

11 Second Club Entry by Victoria Bailey
Starting in the New Year our masters' students tackle DA702, the second animation module on our online masters' degree in 3D animation. Classes start on 6 January 2020.

The module is titled DA702 - Character Performance, and builds up to an entry into the April 11 Second Club competition.  On April 1st 2020 the line of dialogue will be released, and our students have just under 3 weeks to animate their shots.

DA701 PR1 - 11 Second Club Entry
In this second module, students get to grips with character performance, including acting, dialogue and lipsync.  DA702 CW1, the academic written element, is due on Friday 6th March 2020.  The second submission is DA702 PR1, acharacter animation performcance and entry in the monthly 11 Second Club competition. The assignment is due on Monday 20th April 2020.

11 Second Club Entry by Jinng Hwee Tan
DA701 PR1 Assignment Brief
This assignment DA702 PR1 involves entry into the monthly 11 Second Club animation competition. The final animation should be uploaded to your Vimeo channel and then submitted to your tutor via email, along with a single PDF document showing your preparation and planning, such as storyboards and/or thumbnail sketches.

Formative feedback
All our students are encouraged to seek formative feedback prior to submission of the assignment.  Animation is an iterative process, and students are strongly encouraged to get formative feedback on their work-in-progress. Any students who wants informal feedback on their work-in-progress should upload drawings, or thumbnails, or a movie file to the Facebook classroom at any time.

Assessment Criteria

Creativity – 25%
Creativity – Imagination – invention – innovation

Pre-Production - 25%
planning - use of thumbnails – storyboards – live action reference

Production – 25%
Quality of animation – application of the twelve principles of animation - weight and flexibility – Quality of performance – use of cameras – acting – dialogue & lipsync

Post-production – 25%
Texturing – lighting – rendering - titles and credits - sound design

11 Second Club Submission by Jinng Hwee Tan
Below is an example of a strong submission for DA702 PR1 by Bucks MA student Jinng Hwee Tan. Jinng hasn't lit and rendered teh shot, so he will have lost markes for post-production, but the quality of his animation is very strong, and his camera work also works very well.

11 Second Club entry by Victoria Bailey
Below is an strong example of a submission for DA702 PR1 by Bucks MA student Victoria Bailey. It is also a good example of a two character scene in which the second character is offstage. To see more about how to handle a two shot (two characters acting together) see this blog post.

To see the schedule, take a look at the calendar below. The module gets going after the Xmas holidays, and starts with formative feedback following the tutorials at Animation Apprentice.

DA702 CW1
Note that the first assignment due is DA702 CW1, a piece of academic writing, which is due on Friday 6th March 2020. 


DA701 PR1 Deadline
The deadline for submission of DA702 PR1 is Monday 20th  April 2020.

Submission Instructions
Upload your work as a movie file to your Vimeo channel. Email the Vimeo link to your tutor, as well as a single PDF document showing your development, thumbnail sketches and/or storyboards.

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