Sunday, 29 December 2019

Second Marking with Sydney Padua

Over the Christmas break I have been marking the MA work done by our Master's Degree students at Bucks and, of course, also making sure that the work has been Second Marked.

Second marking at Bucks is part of the process by which we ensure that our academic standards are being rigorously applied. Was the marking fair? Is it reasonable? Were the correct criterial applied?

Looking at your students' work through the eyes of another lecturer is a valuable exercise; it is a reminder of how personal marking can be, and how important it is to apply objective criteria. We don't always get it right, which is why 2nd marking - also known as moderation - is so important.

About Sydney Padua
Lovelace and Babbage - Sydney's 2016 award-winning book
This year Bucks New University welcomed back new veteran animator and graphic novelist Sydney Padua who, following a year's absense to work on Disney's The Lion King, is now back at Bucks.

Sydeny is a lecturer in animation on the undergraduate animation course at Bucks. Her animation career includes a roster of Hollywood hits, animation classics such as The Iron Giant, and many visual effects blockbusters.

In 2016 Sydney published the award-winning graphic novel The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

External examiner Mike Smith
About Second Marking
Second Marking is the process whereby students' work is marked by a second tutor after having sight of the original marks. Second markers ensure that the initial marker has applied standards consistently across the group being marked.

Second markers check our grades, making sure we're awarding marks appropriately, and also keep an eye on making sure that our standards are consistent with other universities and colleges in the UK, all in accordance with Bucks New Uni regulations.

External examiner
We also have an external examiner to keep an eye on us. In effect, the role of the external examiner is that of a third marker; checking the grades to make sure that they are awarded in accordance with national standards. In the case of our MA in Animation, our external examiner is Mike Smith - you can read more about Mike and his work here.  

You can read more about Bucks New Uni marking procedures here.

For more on the experience of studying at Bucks New University, come and visit us at one of our Open Days, take a virtual tour of one of our animation studios, check out what our students think of our course, and see why we're ranked in the top 12 creative universities in the UK.

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