Monday, 6 December 2021

BNU Terminates "No Detriment Policy"

"No Detriment Policy" has now ended
Last year Buckinghamshire New University introduced a "no detriment" policy in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

The policy remained in force until the end of the 2020-21 Academic Year and - in effect - gave all our students an extra 10 working days (two calendar weeks) to hand in assessments, beyond the formal deadline.

"No detriment" meant that the work submitted would not suffer any detriment, ie it would still be graded as if it were handed in on time. All our students should be aware that this policy is now at an end, and no longer applies. 

No Detriment Policy Ends
The No Detriment Policy was an acknowledgement by BNU that some students would be forced by exceptional circumstances to hand their work in late, and they should suffer "no detriment" as a result.  However, for the new academic year, these exceptional circumstances no longer apply, and the policy has therefore been suspended. 

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