Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Meet "Artifact" by Kristis Bandzevicius

Meet "Artifact", a new short film created by BNU animation student Kristis Bandzevicius. "Artifact" was written, produced and directed by Kristis, currently studying for his MA in 3D Animation at Bucks.  "Artifact" was completed during the course of Kristis' studies at BNU, and is currently being entered into film festivals. 

Inspiration for "Artifact"
Inspired by the immersive, dark and gloomy atmosphere of video games such as "Inside", director Kristis Bandzevicius wanted to tell a story "based on surroundings rather than using dialogue".  

In this case, the simple design of the dystopian fantasy world helps to support the narrative.  For "Artifact", Kristis "wanted to tell a story about a lonely robot in a desolate world, searching for any signs of life."

"Artifact" was created as part of the final module of the Master's Degree in 3D Animation at BNU, Module DA704, which involves the creation of a final project and demo reel

Artifact at IMDB
You can find "Artifact" at the IMDB

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