Thursday, 23 December 2021

Why Something is Better Than Nothing

It's not always good to be a perfectionist
From time to time animation students will get stuck on a project, and will request extra time, or hand their work in late - and then apply for Mitigating Circumstances.

Sometimes this flows from perfectionism, performance anxiety, or even a sense of imposter syndrome - a student feeling that their work isn't good enough. 

In truth though, it is always better to hand in something than nothing; an imperfect submission is always better than no submission at all.

Something is Better Than Nothing
Imposter Syndrome
If you submit your work late, you may get an extension, but you will have to deal with the Mitigating Circumstances and Extensions policy, which will itself consume time and effort. Far better to submit what you have done, however imperfect, before the deadline. After all, your work may be better than you think.   

Quality -v- Quantity
In the creative industries, it is always hard to be completely objective about quality; everyone is a critic, and tastes differ.  But, at the end of the day, deadlines must be met, and product must be delivered - every project is a balance between quantity and quality.  So it is with academic deadlines - if you submit whatever you have done on time (ideally, submit your work early), you are then able to move on to the next task.

Deadlines and Regulations
To see some resources for deadlines and regulation at BNU, follow the links below:

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