Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Why Students Should Submit Work Early

Deadlines matter, and at BNU the lecturers have little leeway in accepting late submissions. The "No Detriment" policy that was in place following the Covid Pandemic is now at an end, and BNU deadlines are now a lot more rigid than they have been for the past year.

Our recommendation here at BNU is this: Don't wait until the due date to submit your work.  Instead, aim to submit your work the night before. 

Submit Early
Don't wait until the 2pm deadline
The advantage of submitting the night before is that you can still deal with any last minute or unexpected problems. Common problems with submission include Wi-Fi problems (especially when home networks go down unexpectedly), and also not having read the Assignment Brief correctly. 

Submit your work early, and there is still time to amend any mistakes. Submit just before the deadline, and there is no time to fix any errors or omissions.   

Deadlines and Regulations
To see some resources for deadlines and regulation at BNU, follow the links below:

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