Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Anton Alfy introduces Super Fergy in 3D

Anton "Alfy" Alfimenko was honing his skills as an animator and a digital artist long before he came to study Bucks, creating (among other projects) his online hit "Super Fergie", starring Sir Alex Ferguson as a video game character winning endless footballing triumphs. Anton's film, hosted at YouTube, scored over 300,000 hits, and won him international attention from fans of Manchester United. Now he has animated Super Fergy in 3D, working hard to showcase the new digital skills he has been learning here at Bucks. We asked him how he put it all together.

Bucks: Tell us about Super Fergy in 3D. What is the premise?

Anton Alfy: The Super Fergy story is the same as the original film about Sir Alex Ferguson which I created last year using AfterEffects. I tried to match the original as close as I could, which was quite a challenge in itself. I started making the film for the Bristol Festival of Football Ideas, which just started recently. I'm going to Bristol on Wednesday 4th of June to the final of their Short Film competition.

Bucks: What inspired you to make it?

Anton Alfy: I think it was when I got an email about the Bristol competition - I thought straight away that I should do something new in 3D. I wanted to involve more people in the project, but most students were busy with graduation projects here at the university, so I decided to work on a 3D update of my original Super Fergie video.

Bucks: What software did you use to make it? 

Anton Alfy: All the 3D work was made in 3DS Max, and I used Photoshop and After Effects to finish it off.

Bucks: Will there be a game we can play, and if so when? 

Anton Alfy: I never thought about it really, but if the opportunity comes, why not?

Bucks: Why hasn't Manchester United hired you to make their videos? 

Anton Alfy: I don't know, that would be a great experience. Even though I don't want to spent the rest of my life doing videos about Manchester United. I think they must be waiting for me to finish the course at Bucks!

Bucks: What's next for Super Fergie? 

Anton Alfy: At the moment it's the end. Of course you never know, but I think it's time to let it go and start working on something completely new! I just want to thank again people who helped me during 2 months of production, Scott Benson for great soundtrack, and of course all the third years, especially Sabah, Luke, Daniel and David who were in a class with me everyday, and kept me going even though it was a really frustrating project at times.

Editor's note: You can see the original Super Fergie video, which gathered over 300,000 hits at YouTube, below.


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