Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Withoutabox - the smart way to get your animated short film noticed

What is Withoutabox? It is the best, simplest and most efficient way to enter your short animated film to the many film festivals currently welcoming submissions all around the globe. Submit your film to Withoutabox.com just once, and you can enter most of the festivals on the planet.

The site allows you to upload your film, fill in some (rather long) forms, and then - hey presto - you can enter film competitions all over the world. Withoutabox is free. As for individual competitions, the fees vary from nothing to quite a bit. It's up to you as to how many you want to enter.

If you are an indie animator and film-maker who wants to get your stuff noticed, entering festivals is the the way to go. Not only do you have the chance to win prizes and awards, but as long as your work is good you will get noticed by recruiters. All the big studios attend the major festivals (see this blog post here about where to find the big recruiters).

Plus, you get to hang with other indie film-makers, folks who have the inside scoop on where to apply, who has the big prize money, and who might be recruiting this year. In short, you get the chance to network, and get noticed.

You will need a bit of a war chest - few festivals are free to enter; most charge a modest fee, but this is often lower for students. Most festivals offer "early bird specials" for those entering in good time. Being well-organised pays dividends.

Of course, you have to finish your indie film first. But once you have done that, withoutabox will help you to enter as many festivals as possible, and maximise your chances of winning a prize or two.


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