Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pixar's Renderman - now free for students!

Pixar's Renderman, which is arguably the leading industry software for rendering high quality animation images, will soon be released free to students on a non-commercial basis. You can register now to get your free copy, available in August. Pixar's RenderMan is used throughout the CGI industry for the creation of stunning visual effects, and is highly recommended for student use.

Make beautiful images with Pixar software - free!
What is Renderman?
RenderMan is advanced technology for shading, lighting, and rendering. It is not an animation or modeling package, but is one of the industry's leading rendering packages.

Does Renderman work with Maya?
Yes. RenderMan can be plugged into one of the following tools: Maya, Houdini, Katana, or Cinema4D. If you use one of those packages you can try RenderMan. You can also use RenderMan if you have your own custom tool(s) for generating renderable 3D assets (RIB) for purposes such as scientific visualization. RenderMan by itself does not have a user interface or GUI.

When can we get hold of it?
Renderman is due to be released free for students and non-commercial use in August. You will have to register first and you will be notified when it is made available.


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