Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bucks Unite App Design Competition: Win £250!

Summer money: a competition to win £250! Rebecca Rochon, Senior Lecturer in Education and Learning Development, has developed a new App called Unite, which allows students to connect with other students before starting university. The App was successfully entered into the JISC Summer of Student Innovation, winning £5,000 for Bucks students to develop the App further. Now Rebecca needs some help from designers and animators at Bucks to help bring the project to life.

What is the JISC Summer of Student Innovation?
The JISC Summer of Student Innovation is a chance for students to create real technology solutions to improve education, research and student life.  JISC champions the use of digital technologies in UK education and research and is funding learners with new ideas on how to use technology to improve student life.

What is the winning app?
The winning project is called Unite. It is a mobile app to connect people through higher education. And it now needs some student-designed graphics.

What specifically is needed?
The following elements need to be designed:
  1. A logo
  2. The app icon (if different, but presumably incorporating the logo)
  3. A colour scheme and font choice for interface
Who is it aimed at?
The main target market is students aged 18-24, but it should have general appeal.

What style should the design be?
The design can be in any style, but it should be universally appealing. To get inspired, just take a look at your phone and see other apps that have been well designed. Good app designs are simple, clear and stylish.

Who is eligible to enter?
Bucks students and recent graduates.

What is the deadline?
The competition closes at 5pm on August 15th.

Who do you submit to?
Designs must be submitted to Rebecca Rochon at Bucks New Uni. Please submit by email to and (just to be safe) cc Rebecca at

Who will own the IP?
In submitting your work, you are agreeing that (if selected) the submission becomes the property of the project. It may be used and adapted without any further consultation from you.

Where can I find more information?
For full details of the project, please go to

---- alex

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