Thursday, 15 January 2015

Trish Grasham UK Stage Design Exhibition

Bucks Graduate Trish Grasham on UK Stage Design
Trish Grasham (above) is a Bucks Graduate and also an Associate Lecturer, inspiring and guiding a new generation of undergraduates. The BBC Feature highlights an exhibition of UK Stage Design, an area that the UK excels in. In the second year of the animation course, students will be involved in designing virtual sets for new artists featured in 'BBC Introducing'.  Stage design is an essential source of inspiration.

BBC introducing in partnership with Bucks to find new musical talent
Stage Design is a fascinating area where traditional design skills converge with new technologies. Animators can learn from the innovation demonstrated in theatre and live music events but may also contribute by creating moving imagery for projection.  A graduate from Bucks, Lauren Cahill, was involved in producing projected imagery for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in 2009.

Moscow 2009 - our graduates are everywhere!

As part of the Animation & VFX course, we look at the work of Es Devlin, an incredibly talented designer who has worked with the Killers, Kanye West, Take That as well as producing designs for opera and theatre.

Es Devlin working with Take That 2011

Why not look at some of her work

Look out for our soon to be released Blogs on the Watford Football Club Virtual Set and our work with our new multi-million pound system  'Vizrt'


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