Thursday, 15 January 2015

Multi-Million Pound Vizrt System To Be Installed at Bucks

Vizrt - bringing virtual studios to Bucks

Our dynamic Head of Department, Stephen Partridge, has secured a deal with Vizrt, creators of virtual sets, giving animation students access to a multi - million pound virtual studio system.  We believe our animation students are the first in the UK to gain access to this system as part of their studies!  Vizrt allows us to build virtual 3D sets, key out 'talent' from a green screen background whilst simultaneously tracking a camera, all in real-time!  This allows live broadcasts in a virtual environment and the only limitation is the imagination of the set designers!

 This system was used as part of the BBC Scotland Referendum Vote broadcast.

Vizrt used by BBC Scotland in the Referendum Vote

Our second year animation students are cutting their teeth on the new system with a revamp of the Watford Football club virtual set currently used in the Hornets Show.  Rather than requiring cameras to be 'locked down' to match our existing 3D sets, cameras can be moved freely and the set extended beyond its physical dimensions.
Watford Hornets - working with our students at Bucks

Students are already hard at work designing the new set and introducing elements like holographic screens and interactive backgrounds.  We've even talked to our Furniture Design colleagues in the National School of Furniture who may be collaborating on new Furniture for the set!

Staff will be undergoing training on the new system which can produce cutting edge graphics like the one below.  Watch this space as we post our first tests!

Vizrt used by RTL on a German match

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