Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Maya 2015 Bugs - Problems and Solutions

Last year Autodesk released Maya 2015, free for students and universities, and another leap forward in what has become the leading software for the animation industry around the world.  However, like many new releases, it is not without its bugs and glitches. Here are some of the main bugs, and some possible solutions.

Problem: Software crash
Maya 2015 seems to crash more often, and more unexpectedly, than older releases. 

Solution: Save your work often. The new incremental save button helps here - Maya will automatically save a new version of your shot, saving you the time of re-naming your latest version. You can also install the latest Autodesk service patch here, which may help to prevent crashes.

Missing viewcubes

Problem: Viewport weirdness
Sometimes the viewport goes weird - tilting in the x axis so the your feels off-centre, as if it is permanently tilted and won't right itself.  Or, the viewcube just disappears altogether.

Solution: Go to Render in the viewport, and select Legacy Default Viewport. This will turn on the viewcube. Now click on the viewcube and the viewport axis should be restored.

Problem: Textures look weird, completely black - or don't show up properly

Solution: In the viewport, under the lighting tab, make sure that 2 sided Lighting is turned off.

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