Saturday, 3 January 2015

Tosin Oluyadi Wins £250 Design Competition

Tosin Oluyadi is second from left
Tosin Oluyadi graduated from Bucks last summer, and since then has been working in creative media as a designer and digital editor.

She also won a design competition to create a new app, and we asked her to talk about the app, her work, and how she has managed to kick-start her career in this most competitive of industries.

Uniconnect App - formerly known as Unite
Bucks: You recently won a competition to design a new Unite App for the iPhone - what was your submission?

Tosin: My submission was to produce a logo design, colour scheme and UI (user interface) for the app Unite (which has now been renamed Uniconnect).

I was really enthusiastic about the project and the vision for it so I went on to produce a few more UI concepts for the apps' functionality as well as a small animated menu screen slideshow.

Unite App

Bucks: What was the most challenging part of the project?

Tosin: I would have to say the most difficult part of the project was designing towards the target market. I had a lot of research to do into UI design trends and existing social networking apps.

Unite App

It takes a lot of thought finding a balance between something that looks fun, age appropriate and still keeps a standard of professionalism as UniConnect is an app for both students and academics.

UniConnect App

Bucks: What was the prize?

Tosin: The prize was £250 and an opportunity to follow the team to JISC summer of innovation.

UniConnect App
Bucks: What advice would you offer to other students at Bucks entering competitions?

Tosin: My advice to students at Bucks entering competitions would be to go the extra mile, put a lot of thought into the process and outcome of your submission and most of all plan ahead for it, this gives you time to generate ideas and revise any before submission.

Kyrus Digital

Bucks: What are you doing now?

Tosin: After graduating Uni I have been freelancing with a digital agency in London by the name of KYRUS digital as a video editor; as well as working on personal projects just before I commit to anything full time, so I am hoping to showcase them in the near future.

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