Friday, 25 January 2013

Animation Pro's visit Bucks

Commercials and idents by Mark Le Fevre
Mark Hudson, Course Leader at Bucks in Graphic Arts, has invited the following film-makers and animators to talk to his students in February:

Zac Ella is coming on 21st February.

Zac is a film-maker and animator who attended Leeds College of Art and Design "to chase his dreams of drawing naked people". Then, "having realised he wasn’t really that good", he pursued a career in film and video.
Video work by Zac Ella
Jim Le Fevre is coming on 28th February.

Jim Le Fevre is a BAFTA and British Animation Award winning filmmaker who has directed commercials and idents for Nickleodeon, Ambipur and Rowntrees as well as animated comedy sketches for cult TV series Monkey Dust.

Jim Le Fevre
The format for both visits will be a practitioner talk at about 10am, followed by a workshop. Talks like this can be a great opportunity to learn more about careers in animation, film and TV. We're proud to have such talented artists coming to talk to us at Bucks.
Any animators and VFX artists at Bucks who would like to go - let me know, as Mark will need to get an idea of numbers.


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