Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bucks Animation in talks with Creative Skillset for accreditation

Creative Skillset is the UK government body which supports skills and training in creative industries, helping British companies to maintain their world class position. Here at Bucks we are determined to ensure that our new Animation & VFX course is fully accredited by Skillset, offering students a guarantee of quality teaching and training.

As we are a new course - starting in September 2013 - it will be at least a year before we can apply for accreditation, but we're confident that, working with Skillset to develop our modules and make them industry-relevant, we will be offering courses that offer students the skills they need to survive in the competitive but fast-growing animation industry.

Here's a link to the Skillset animation page, which has a lot of useful information on careers in the animation industry. Skillset are constantly talking to industry to get their feedback on what skills are in demand and in short supply - skills that a good student would do well to learn.


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