Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Life Drawing comes to Bucks

Why do animation students need to attend life drawing classes? Surely animation is all done by computers now? Not all all. In reality, life drawing is vital part of the animation process, even for 3D digital artists. Although less important than it used to be in the days of hand-drawn animation, life drawing it is still hugely useful. An animator should be able to capture a pose in a few lines. What is the character thinking and feeling? Where is the weight? Visual problems like these can be solved with the skills gained by learning to draw fluently from life.

Gesture drawing classes take place at almost all the good animation studios around the world - and for good reason. Usually the models do quick poses - often just one minute, or even 30 seconds or less, to force the animators to learn to sketch a dynamic figure in just a few stokes.

Here at Bucks, life drawing forms an important part of our new digital animation course, one of the many skills that goes to make a good 3D artist.


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