Friday, 11 January 2013

Dave Berry models and rigs his own quadruped

Paddy rig v1.0 overview from Dave Berry on Vimeo.

Dave Berry is one of our talented animation students at Bucks who has taken a highly pro-active approach to learning 3D animation, doing tutorials on his own time and pushing the boundaries of his knowledge.

In this video he shows how to use the bear rig "Paddy" that he has created, adapting an existing rig purchased at and making it far more flexible and user-friendly.

Dave's new rig is now classroom-ready for this term's class on animal and quadruped locomotion. One of the big growth areas in animation in recent years has been animal and creature animation, led by Soho VFX houses like Frame Store CFC, MPC and Double Negative. Here at Bucks we aim to give students the skills they need to survive and thrive in this rapidly expanding industry.


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