Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Partnering with the animation industry

Here at Bucks we're proud of our contacts with industry, forging links with companies so that students get real-world experience of the job market and, hopefully, internships and actual jobs. For example, we're building a partnership with Centroid, the Motion Capture company at Pinewood studios which helped some of our students gather MoCap data for their film projects last year.

Part of the process of validating our new Animation and VFX course involves external review, and we're proud to have Kevin Spruce, the head of animation at FrameStore, as one of our external reviewers. Kevin is one of the most skilled animators in the country, and leads a team of digital artists on some of the most exciting and challenging film projects being done in the UK.

One of the problems that Framestore has experienced over the years is where to find animation graduates who can tackle the complex, highly technical creature animation which is needed to bring animals and creatures to life, in films such as the Harry Potter or Narnia series. Framestore pioneered animal and creature work when they did the ground-breaking Walking With Dinosaurs back in the late 90's, and they have been a world leader ever since.

One of the modules on our animation course is specifically focused on creature animation, making sure that our students can tackle animal and creature locomotion, accurately reproduce animal behaviours and, finally, create a compelling and believable creature performance that entertains and engages the audience.



  1. Very exciting news. This course is sounding extremely desirable.

  2. We're excited too! Strong partnerships with industry is what we're all about!