Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Salman Khan and the Khan Academy - a better way to teach?

Here at Bucks we're inspired by the work of Salman Khan, the American educator and entrepreneur who founded the Khan Academy, a not-for-profit online school which teaches every academic subject under the sun. Khan's philosophy is simple - traditional schools have got it all backwards. His mission is to change the way we learn, and make it better.
Khan's philosophy is simple - he argues that educators should "flip the classroom". Instead of having students listen to a lecture in the classroom, then go home and do their homework, why not do it the other way around? Students can learn at home, watching pre-recorded online tutorials, and then use time in class to do the homework, getting feedback from the teacher, fixing their work, and making improvements.

Khan's basic idea is that a lecture is no better for being delivered in a classroom than online. What really counts in education is personal feedback, one-on-one tuition.

Here at Bucks we want to introduce as much online and pre-recorded content as we can, so that students get the very best value from the course, learning at home on their own time. This way we can use precious classroom time for tutorials, feedback, and problem-solving.

Sal Khan is leading a revolution in the way schools teach, and we aim to be part of it.


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