Sunday, 20 January 2013

In Praise of Sketchbooks

One of the best things that any aspiring animator can do is to fill a sketchbook. Fill it with drawings, ideas, scribbles, sketches - most important of all, draw everything around you. Every time you draw something for the first time - yourself, your cat, your friends, your bike - you build up a library of images in your head, a kind of visual shorthand that makes you better at drawing and observing the world around you.

Sketchbooks are also useful sources of creativity. The great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa wrote in his autobiography about the importance of filling sketchbooks, and then re-reading them at the start of a new project, to find inspiration and ideas.

Sketchbooks aren't just a great way to learn - they are a repository for your own creative output - which you can draw upon any time you like by simply pulling a sketchbook off the shelf.


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